Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year: Gameweek 19 Fantasy Preview

A fresh one-match ban for Suarez will prevent him
from facing Newcastle.
Further drama on Suarez's incident as he will be facing a one-match ban against Newcastle following the middle finger incident at Craven's Cottage. Just one thing to note: Fulham is neither fined nor warned about their fans misconduct to constantly attack Suarez through chants. Such a fair English Fools Association.

Ben Arfa is one of the
cheapest fantasy commodity
with big gun prospects.
The battle for sixth. Two of the top tier defences across the league.

Liverpool has the worst home record among the top 7 despite being undefeated at Anfield, with draw rate as high as 66.7%. Certainly a stat that can boost Newcastle's morale. 11 home goals is also the worst of the top 7, so don't be surprised if the away team gets a clean sheet.

Suarez will not be available for this game (and perhaps the other 8 games to come) so expect at least one of Bellamy and Carroll to start upfront. The Geordie will face his old club again but it certainly won't be an easy game against the solid back four of Newcastle. Gerrard could also make it a start at Anfield - certainly the light of hope Liverpool needs.

On the other side, Demba Ba will continue to boss the front line and give Liverpool's defence a big test. Ben Arfa has played very well featuring from the bench last game and could as well start the game with Ba. Two delicious fantasy stocks.

Liverpool has historically done very well against the Magpies at home. The Reds should really end their unlucky streak already.

Prediction: LIV 2-1 NEW
Pick: Ba, Ben Arfa, Bellamy
Drop: Suarez

Valencia performs consistently
regardless of whether he is
playing as RW or RB.
Sure, Blackburn had managed to draw Liverpool, but blame Liverpool for their poor chance conversion. Against Manchester United, they have no chance.

Two straight 5-0 victories have surely rocketed the morale of fellow Red Devils sky high. Both Nani and Rooney didn't play for a full 90 minutes game against Wigan - superb captain choices. Berbatov might start too after a spectacular hat-trick, but just don't bet on him yet.

A big victory again might just send Steve Kean to execution and bring United to the summit. Sorry Blackburn.

Prediction: MUN 4-0 BLA
Pick and Captain: Nani, Rooney
Pick: Valencia, MUN defence
Drop: BLA players

Pick and Drop
Pick and Captain:
  1. Van Persie - Might be rested, but nonetheless presents great scoring opportunity against QPR.
  2. Bale - Hot and unstoppable, though Michel Vorm might stand on his way.
  1. Gervinho - In good form.
  2. S. Fletcher - Against poor Bolton he should be able to do it again.
  3. Sturridge/ Mata - The usual performer at Chelsea.
  4. Holt - Norwich will put hopes on him to rebound from a defeat.
  5. STO defence - Wigan has only scored 6 goals on the road this season.
  1. QPR defence - Arsenal hardly fails to score.
  2. BOL players - In confidence crisis.
  3. SWA defence - Looks impossible to stop Bale, Adebayor and Van der Vaart altogether.

Transfer Traffic
Green light (buy):
  1. Bale - Fabulous and unstoppable.
  2. Nani/ Rooney/ Valencia - United on fire.
Yellow light (watch):
  1. Berbatov - His superb form might rekindle Ferguson's interest to start him.
  2. Lindegaard - Started for 2 straight league games and kept 2 straight clean sheets.
  3. Carroll - Suarez to start his suspension soon so he will get his chance.
Red light (sell):
  1. BOL players - Whoever they are, sell. Second round of hellish fixtures is near for them.
  2. Adam - Played terribly recently with Gerrard returning.
  3. Suarez - Suspension begun.

Gameweek 19 Dream Team
Shawcross -- Vermaelen -- Enrique
Nani (VC) -- Bale -- Mata -- Silva
Rooney (C) -- Van Persie -- Sturridge
Subs: Sorensen -- Hoolahan -- Walker -- R Martin

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Man Utd's Season Begins: Gameweek 17 & 18 Fantasy Reviews

Ashley Young is expected to out until late January... Time to get
Valencia the super duper real deal guys.
Manchester United has scored 10 massive goals in just to games to close down the gap against Manchester City to just 5 goal difference. The real test for Mancini begins as the United's engine is officially ignited...

Team by Team Round-Up

  • MCI: Failed to score for the first time this season against one of the worst defence of the league. Big shock. Three straight clean sheets nonetheless suggests that they're still one of the most reliable defence in England. Kompany remains the best bargain of all given Richards' absence due to injury. Offensively they're less consistent nowadays so don't put your shoes in yet if you haven't.
  • MUN: 5-0 followed by another 5-0. The real season begins for them as Berbatov scored 4 goals in 2 games. A guy of pure class but certainly needs more playing time to gain a place in any fantasy team. Valencia is the real deal of the team given Young's absence and his ability to play as both winger and full back. One to watch. Evans is out due to injury as the cheapest access point to United's clean sheets is gone. Both Evra and Jones are pretty expensive while the rest are just so uncertain about their playing time.
  • TOT: Speedy speed boy Gareth Bale crushed Norwich while Adebayor continued to show consistency scoring 6-5-7-5 over the last four games. Both are great buys.
  • CHE: The fantasy points are still pretty widespread across players. Sturridge and Mata remain the "good but not great" buys, while Torres continues to be gloomy on the final third. Stay away from their shabby defenders.
  • ARS: Van Persie is still the ace of the team, while Gervinho is starting to get some serious form when he is just days away from playing African Cup of Nations. Not so good. I like Benayoun's creativity but it looks like he's not fit enough to play 90 minutes.
  • LIV: Charlie Adam single-handedly handed four league points away after failing to score a penalty against Wigan but scored an own goal against Blackburn. Two bottom three clubs. Great. Chance conversion is still terrible for the team. Lots of silly attempts going wide, lots of shots going too straight to the keeper, and when it's on target, opponents' keeper went into godlike mode. From De Gea to Hart, from Hart to Vorm, Ruddy and Bunn. Great keepers were all born at Anfield.
  • NEW: It's great to see Ben Arfa scored his second goal for Newcastle after more than one year. The Magpies have now a second ace to rely on apart from Ba. I can see better attacking display from them.
  • STO: Failed to score in both games but defensively it's still solid as long as they're playing with Shawcross. Nothing really sparkling to comment about.
  • WBA: Hodgson's defensive tactics worked against City despite such a poor group of defenders. Odemwingie looks to rediscover his fantastic form. Certainly a man to watch.
  • EVE: Saha and Cahill continues to stuck deep within scoring drought. Deep frustration. Osman is the only man who functions properly in offence.
  • NOR: The results they got is just so predictable with the same usual bunch of players who perform.
  • AST: Agbonlahor has lost his hot foot and we wouldn't know whether he will return to the Agbonlahor of last season.
  • FUL: Dempsey is showing some consistency at the moment and is a good option for a mid-price midfielder.
  • SWA: Nothing much to catch my eye except that Danny Graham has a nice footwork.
  • SUN: A pretty much resurrected team under Martin O'Neill. It's still not so convincing offensively anyway.
  • QPR: Mackie scored two games in a row. A man to match as we see how his partnership with Helguson develops.
  • WOL: It's all about Steven Fletcher offensively. Best budget striker at the moment.
  • WIG: Still the same old story of defeats and defeats. Poor sent off of Sammon though.
  • BOL: Only 3 goals in last 6 league games as Owen Coyle's position is surely insecure now.
  • BLA: Yakubu has gotten his tenth goal of the season but Blackburn is still rocking at the bottom of the league.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eight Match Ban For Suarez

Patrice Evra is the winner in this one, but an eight match ban is really
too much for a non-evident accusation.
Big blow for Liverpool. The Reds' best performing player so far, Luis Suarez, will be banned for as much as eight matches after being judged guilty (serious?) for his racism allegations against Patrice Evra last month.

This will further dent Liverpool's chances of getting that currently unlikely Champions League spot. The good news? Liverpool will have 2 weeks time to appeal for that heavy penalty and by that time, the transfer window is open.

Get a temporary replacement fast, and the blow won't be that serious for Kenny Dalglish. Good luck.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Best Own Goal Ever

There's hardly any striker who can do better than him. The best ever acrobatic long range bicycle kick shoot. Fantabulous.

The problem is, it went into the wrong net. Better luck next time.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas: Gameweek 17 & 18 Fantasy Previews

Defenders period: Hectic fixtures usually create more clean sheets.
The fast and furious Christmas fixtures will begin and results from this period will be certainly crucial to both Premier League and fantasy teams. Spend your wild card if necessary. You wouldn't want to lose over 100 points to your rivals in less than 2 weeks.

Game of the Week (Gw 17): TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v CHELSEA
Petr Cech was partly responsible
for Wigan's equaliser last week.
The battle for third, the battle for the top team in London. Tottenham will be waiting over at their home ground to fire porous Chelsea's defence with their great attacking talents.

The Blues were surprisingly held draw by Wigan last Saturday thanks to ridiculous mistakes by the whole defensive unit of theirs. Still not the team you can trust on defensively.

Thus, Andre Villas-Boas can only rely on attack to compensate for their defensive problems. Sturridge has been in good and ultra consistent form (amazingly consistent for a youngster of his age) and will be relied upon again to earn league points for Chelsea alongside with resurgent Drogba and tricky Mata.

But Tottenham will be hopeful to bag the three points. Players such as Adebayor, Van der Vaart, Bale and Lennon are all on form and should terrorise Chelsea's defence at ease. It will be a classic victory for Spurs in my opinion.

Prediction: TOT 3-1 CHE
Pick: Adebayor, Bale, Van der Vaart, Sturridge
Drop: CHE defence

Fantasy Game of the Week (Gw 17): WIGAN v LIVERPOOL
Bellamy's second spell at
Liverpool is currently a
Wigan will hope to repeat their feat against Chelsea but it won't be easy against resolute Liverpool's defence.

The Reds boast the best defence in Premier League, conceding only 13 goals. Barring the terrible 0-4 defeat against Tottenham, they had never conceded more than a goal to any opponents. With Agger and Skrtel currently forming the best CB partnership in the league, it's a big task for Wigan to score against them.

Offensively, Liverpool are doing pretty well too. Bellamy is clearly enjoying his second stint at Anfield and is combining very well with Suarez. A dangerous man in offence.

Jordi Gomez has scored 4 goals in the last 5 games, but I believe that tally will not be improved in this game.

Prediction: WIG 0-2 LIV
Pick and Captain: Bellamy, Suarez
Pick: Adam, LIV defence
Drop: WIG defence

Pick and Drop (Gw 17)
Pick and Captain:
  1. Van Persie - Clearly Villa is on a slump for him to take advantage from.
  1. Ba - Played a fabulous but unlucky game last week. He should get something this time.
  2. Rooney - He scored, and scored again, and should score again for three games in a row.
  3. Valencia - Played very well and should start again.
  4. Yakubu - Bolton looks very terrible now and he should really score one or two.
  5. Holt - Find his form at the Championship.
  6. Aguero/ Silva - Without Shawcross it will be less organized at Stoke's backline.
  1. AST defence - Not resolute enough to hold Gunners.
  2. Shawcross - Suspended for his fifth yellow.
  3. Cabaye - Also suspended for his fifth yellow.

Game of the Week (Gw 18): SWANSEA v QUEENS PARK RANGERS

Michel Vorm is a nightmare
for every striker.
Two of the promoted teams will face each other as both teams will be looking forward to bolster their survival chances from their counterparts.

Swansea has been defensively magnificent at home and with Vorm never failed to impress with his superb reflexes. A tough challenge for Helguson and co to take on.

QPR is goalless for 2 consecutive games and I believe it will extend for yet another game. I am predicting a 0-0 score.

Prediction: SWA 0-0 QPR
Pick: SWA defence

Fantasy Game of the Week (Gw 18): LIVERPOOL v BLACKBURN
Jonjo Shelvey is only
£4.8m in fantasy.
Liverpool is treated with such kind Chirstmas games and thus they have only themselves to be blamed if they fail to get results from this one.

Blackburn still stuck deep deep within the relegation zone and it won't be helpful travelling to Anfield.

The Rovers might be able to struck a goal or two, but I believe it will be a total annihilation by the Reds.

Prediction: LIV 3-0 BLA
Pick and Captain: Bellamy, Suarez
Pick: Adam, Downing, LIV defence
Drop: BLA defence

Pick and Drop (Gw 18)
Pick and Captain:
  1. Van Persie - Should really blast the Wolves.
  2. Rooney/ Nani - Wigan wouldn't be able to hold in form United.
  3. Silva/ Aguero - West Brom's defence is just too shaky.
  4. Adebayor - Surely Norwich's backline won't be able to break all the supply points to him.
  1. Walters/ Crouch - Both are offensive pillars of Stoke.
  2. Larsson - His set pieces are always a threat.
  3. MUN defence - Ferdinand is showing some great form.
  1. WIG defence - It's such a problematic line to be exploited by Man Utd.
  2. WBA defence  - Another problematic line like Wigan's.
  3. BOL players - Out of form at the moment.

Transfer Traffic
Green light (buy):
  1. Bellamy - Gained Dalglish's trust and is performing well at the moment.
  2. Jones - Plays like a warrior and scores occasional goals.
  3. SWA defence - A good place to search for cheap and effective fourth or fifth defender.
  4. Sturridge - Incredibly consistent for his low asking price.
  5. Adebayor - Ultimately influential upfront.
  6. LIV defence - Great fixtures awaiting for the next two weeks.
  7. MUN defence - Great fixtures awaiting too.
  8. Valencia - Locking his place against competition from Ashley Young.
  9. Holt - Found some superb form.
Yellow light (watch):
  1. Suarez - Whether he gets suspended or not is the key of buying or selling him.
  2. Agbonlahor - Losing the sharpness recently.
  3. Ruiz - Broke his duck and could get some scoring streak on.
Red light (sell):
  1. BOL players - In a big slump.
  2. Schwarzer - Injured.

Gameweek 17 Dream Team
Enrique -- Vermaelen -- Kompany -- Simpson
Adam -- Valencia -- Silva
Bellamy -- Adebayor (VC) -- Van Persie (C)
Subs: Vorm -- Larsson -- Drenthe -- Evans

Gameweek 18 Dream Team
Enrique -- Jones -- Vermaelen
Adam -- Nani -- Silva -- Larsson
Van Persie (C) -- Bellamy -- Rooney (VC)
Subs: Sorensen -- Walters -- Neil Taylor -- Simpson

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kick-Off: Gameweek 16 Fantasy Preview

Darren Fletcher is suffering from a possibly career ending
infection. No more Fletcher in the rest of this season, at least.
Clearly Darren Fletcher's infection of ulcerative colitis is the biggest news over the week as there are fears that he might have to end his career as a football player prematurely. May god bless him.

As for fantasy managers, this week or the next are one the best period to utilize your wildcard if it is still available. Plan your transfers well and you can go very far during this hectic Christmas fixtures. Good luck.

Can Van Persie destroy
City surely are looking forward to recover from their first defeat against Chelsea last week, but it won't be easy as Arsenal will travel to Etihad Stadium this week.

Arsenal has managed to close the gap to single digit following City's lost, and Wenger will hope that his squad can do some miracles away at Manchester City. Van Persie is on course to renew Shearer's record of 36 Premier League goals in a calendar year and surely will show no mercy towards Kompany and co's defence. A sure starter despite such tough oppositions.

Yet I'm pretty sure City will find any possible way to rebound from their first defeat of the season, and a victory against the Gunners will be the best way to shut doubters' mouth. In fact, almost every player of City is a goal threat and it will be very hard for Arsenal to guard Silva, Aguero, Balotelli, Yaya Toure and others all together.

It's a City win for me, though you should start all your City and Arsenal attackers with confidence.

Prediction: MCI 2-1 ARS
Pick: Van Persie, Silva, Aguero
Drop: ARS defence

Beware of his return.
Chelsea are travelling to Wigan but Moses has just released his floodgate, so I'm more inclined to the rebounding Man Utd as the fantasy friendly team of the week. Against QPR, it's a pretty good chance for United attackers.

Nani and Rooney both broke their scoring drought - good signs of returning form and also a signal of "United season starts at December". Both are great candidates as the captain of the week.

Fletcher's loss is a blow to United's midfield, but Phil Jones was spectacular playing at centre midfield last week and is good at least for short term. He should be able to mark the witty Joey Barton well.

It should be a comprehensive victory for United. QPR's defence is too weak to hold them off in my opinion.

Prediction: QPR 1-3 MUN
Pick and Captain: Rooney, Nani
Pick: Jones
Drop: QPR defence

Pick and Drop
Pick and Captain:

  1. Ba - In full rage. Unless he can be tamed by Vorm.
  2. Adebayor - Sunderland's defence is kind of sloppy and I don't think Martin O'Neill can fix it so fast.
  3. Drogba/ Mata/ Sturridge - On great form for Wigan to face their execution.
  1. Maxi - Should give some hard time to Guzan.
  2. Steven Fletcher - On superb form.
  3. Yakubu - Should be able to pierce West Brom's defence.
  1. SUN defence  - Not solid enough to hold Tottenham's rich vein of attack.

Transfer Traffic
Green light (buy):
  1. Drogba - Returns to his old best.
  2. Ba - Simply unstoppable.
  3. Steven Fletcher - Great form.
  4. Sturridge - Cheap and consistent.
  5. Nani - Rejoices with 2 fresh goals last week.
Yellow light (watch):
  1. Maxi - Playing well can could book a starting place in Dalglish's XI.
  2. Moses - Broke his duck and could break the floodgate.
Red light (drop):
  1. Agbonlahor  - Suspended.
  2. Van der Vaart - He's on the selling bandwagon.

Gameweek 16 Dream Team
Walker -- Enrique -- Jones
Nani -- Silva -- Bale -- Mata
Adebayor -- Drogba (C) -- Rooney (VC)

Subs: Vorm -- Maxi -- Jagielka -- Simpson

Monday, December 12, 2011

Unbeaten Got Beaten: Gameweek 15 Fantasy Review

Both Nani and Rooney returns with 2 fine goals each.
Chelsea 2-1 Man City
Well, no more unbeaten teams in the league after this game. Pretty shocking to see how fast and easy Balotelli scored the opener. Silva should had got a penalty but wasn't awarded. Big decision that turned the game around.

The king of all volleys a.k.a. Raul Meireles returned with a jumping tap-in. Great goal. Lampard was brave enough to take the penalty but nonetheless is still a fantasy player to be avoided with his little playing time.

Sturridge once again stole the limelight with a brilliant assist for Meireles' goal. Superb fantasy acquisitions.

Pick: Sturridge
Drop: Clichy

Man Utd 4-1 Wolves
Perfect response by United after a shocking Champions League exit. Both Nani and Rooney scored a brace to prove the fact that they are not fantasy flops, they are just out of form. And now they have found the form. Beware.

Interestingly, Valencia started ahead of Young and got 3 delicious assists. Let's see how the competition for place between Valencia and Young develop and if the former wins, he will become a great fantasy stock costing only £7.8m currently.

Encouragingly for Wolves despite the defeat is the fact that Fletcher scored yet another goal. Superb form. Mick McCarthy's ace.

Pick: Rooney, Nani, Fletcher
Watch: Valencia

Arsenal 1-0 Everton
The gunners had a hard time testing Everton's defence but Van Persie's fantastic volley made sure they took three points in front of their seniors such as Henry and Pires to celebrate the club's 125th anniversary. It certainly is RvP's era now and I can imagine the next statue to land at Emirates would be his.

I am fascinated with Walcott's growth and you can seriously see how much more he has now other than his speed. I am really in love with his vision and unselfishness.

Amazingly, the four centre backs of Arsenal, namely Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou and Mertesacker combined to give their club a clean sheet. Not bad.

Pick: Van Persie, Arteta, Walcott
Watch: ARS defence

Liverpool 1-0 QPR
For some reason Liverpool tend to make their oppositions keeper in godlike mode. Cerny certainly is far away from Krul and Vorm's class but somehow he made sure the result was respectable for QPR. Jinx?

Suarez played a fine game as usual but his selfishness at times didn't impress me. Good goal anyway.

Meanwhile, Maxi continues to attract my attention with his poaching instinct and I for one hope that he can start all the remaining league games for Liverpool.

And Adam, as predicted, was pivotal as he assisted for Suarez's header. His fantasy scores over the past weeks are consistent as well, making him a quite decent pick for your squad.

Pick: Adam, Maxi
Watch: Suarez

Bolton 1-2 Aston Villa
Guzan played a solid game with 7 saves. A good keeper to consider for rotation strategy if Given is out for a prolonged period.

Offensive wise, Agbonlahor provided an assist but will be suspended for the next game after accumulating five yellow cards. Might just be the right time to jump across Ba's bandwagon.

As for Bolton, Klasnic scored his seventh goal of the season. A good figure.

Watch: Guzan, Klasnic, Agbonlahor

Norwich 4-2 Newcastle
Great formation by Paul Lambert as he totally capitalised Newcastle's aerial weaknesses without Coloccini and Steven Taylor in the middle of the defence. 3 goals of Norwich were scored through direct headers and another through a rebound after a header - that explains all.

While the likes like Holt, Morison and Hoolahan all got home with good fantasy points, it's quite surprising to see Crofts with double digit scores. He has never failed to record 1-2-2-1-2-2 kind of scores for all previous gameweeks he had played. Certainly needs more observations to see whether that's a fluke or a sudden burst in form.

On the other side, Demba Ba showed some great first touches to score a brace. Truly incredible.

Pick: Ba, Morison
Watch: Holt, Crofts
Drop: NEW defence

West Brom 1-2 Wigan
So the best performer of Wigan during pre-season finally broke his goal drought after attempting his 46th shot of the season. Great present to his birthday and I believe the floodgate will be lifted soon. Be aware of his performance.

I thought West Brom played horribly at home. The penalty was unnecessary and Long wasted a seriously good chance.

Pick: Moses

Swansea 2-0 Fulham
Dempsey is the man in black as his deflection caused a goal for Sinclair and his equalising penalty well saved by Vorm. Formless poor lad.

Vorm mind games certainly worked for the penalty. 1 yellow card point for 5 save points... Worth it.

Pick: Vorm
Watch: Sinclair
Drop: Dempsey

Stoke 2-1 Tottenham
Two fine goals by Etherington has notified fantasy managers that it's not only about Walters at Stoke's offence. In fact, Crouch has also been pretty consistent over the weeks, though Walters will still be my first pick of Stoke's offensive department.

The ref has pretty much gone against Tottenham and it so ridiculous to see how Adebayor's equaliser was ruled off side. The Togolese had been magnificent in the second half and it was a shame that his brilliant work wasn't fairly rewarded.

Pick: Walters, Adebayor
Watch: Etherington, Crouch

Sunderland 2-1 Blackburn
A good comeback by Sunderland to get a sweet victory for O'Neill's first game in charge for the Black Cats. Two superb goals that came from Vaughan and Larsson. The latter's set piece dominance has once again shown its value following a wonderful free kick goal which hit the post before bouncing into the net. Great one from a great player.

Vukcevic earned two 8 points in a row and is only owned by close to 0% of fantasy managers. Certainly a gamble that wouldn't cause a drop in team value at the moment.

Pick: Larsson
Watch: Vukcevic

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kick-Off: Gameweek 15 Fantasy Preview

Shocking defeat + shocking exit for Ferguson's team in the
Champions League.
Calamitous day in football for Manchester as both representatives, namely City and United, were knocked out from the group stage. While City's exit is pretty much expected, United's elimination is a completely different story as it definitely shows how thin is Ferguson's squad currently to fight four ways. Not even half of the season, and the Red Devils are only left with two trophies to compete for. Glazer simply need to fund for new players to arrive at Old Trafford.

Drogba: still not out of his
Two clubs which go for very different route. Chelsea, poor in Premier League but progressed through the last 16 in UEFA Champions League; Manchester City, invincible domestically but crashed out of the most prestigious cross-country league of the region. Stamford Bridge is the venue.

Andre Villas-Boas seems to have escaped from the big slump after recording three 3-0 victories against Wolves, Newcastle and Valencia respectively. His decision to relocate Drogba as his centre forward and drop Lampard from his midfield line-up were the key to the sudden shift in form.

However, the back line is as unconvincing as before. David Luiz is a big time bomb there and has caused so much of trouble to Petr Cech and Terry to handle. He will not always be lucky, so expect Mancini's side to exploit such fragile defence.

On the other side, City will surely want to unleash their anger due to Champions League exit on Chelsea. Aguero and Silva are no-brainer picks for offence as always while you can never be sure who will actually play with them among Balotelli, Nasri, Dzeko, Yaya Toure, Barry, Milner and Adam Johnson. Proceed with caution.

I believe it will be a high scoring game. A draw would be a fair result, though City should have a higher chance of victory.

Prediction: CHE 2-2 MCI
Pick: Silva, Aguero, Drogba
Drop: CHE defence

Fantasy Game of the Week: ARSENAL v EVERTON
Vermaelen is not shy to
attack from the back.
Captain Van Persie will get on fire again as the Gunners host the Toffees in this weekend's match.

Wenger's team are surely full of form now, recording 6 wins and 1 draw since 1-2 defeat to Tottenham. They scored 20 goals in total in these matches, including a 5-3 classic victory against Chelsea.

Van Persie should, or probably must, become your captain this week. Everton is in terrible form right now and at home, is all up to him who didn't play in the Champions League tie to blast Moyes' squad into pieces.

It's hard to believe how Everton is going to hold them up with such average defence and terrible offence...

Pick and Captain: Van Persie
Pick: Vermaelen, Walcott, Gervinho
Drop: EVE defence

Pick and Drop
  1. Long - Should beat Wigan with a goal or two.
  2. Adam - Time to perform against QPR especially when Suarez has troubles with FA.
  3. Welbeck - Needs to step up given Hernandez's absence.
  4. Bale/ Lennon - Their speed will be vital to break through Stoke's tough defence.
  5. Yakubu - His morale should be high after bullied Swansea with 4 goals.
  6. Ba - Norwich's defence won't be too hard for him to perform.
  1. BOL defence - Gary Cahill-less and that surely matters.
  2. Baines - Surely they will be no clean sheet isn't it?
  3. STO defence - Tottenham's gunpowder is just too powerful.

Transfer Traffic
Green light (buy):
  1. Van Persie - With only 33% ownership for such incredible performance, he still has much room to grow in price.
  2. Vermaelen  - Ultra offensive as a defender.
  3. Long - Reinstalled his form and should continue to perform.
  4. Ba - Super ace of the team with great offensive capabilities.
  5. Yakubu - On  hype and is having a string of easy fixtures.
  6. Sturridge - Super consistent goal-rate.
Yellow light (watch):
  1. NEW defence - The unchanged defensive line-up is forced to change for the first time.
  2. Suarez - Continues to be troubled by FA.
  3. Drogba - Powered up again.
  4. Romeu - Is very cheap and has started 3 consecutive games for Chelsea.
Red light (sell):
  1. Luiz - He will bring the whole Chelsea defend line down.
  2. Hernandez - Injured.
  3. Vidic - Might be out for the season.
  4. Santos - Injured.
  5. Lampard - AVB is phasing him out.

Gameweek 15 Dream Team
Vermaelen -- Enrique -- Jones
Walcott -- Bale -- Adam (VC) -- Brunt -- Sinclair
Van Persie (C) -- Ba

Subs: Westwood -- Yakubu -- Evans -- Russell Martin 

Yak-Trick: Gameweek 14 Fantasy Review [Express Edition]

Yakubu's quadruple has earned Steve Kean vital three points.
Newcastle 0-3 Chelsea
Well Luiz's should have been awarded a red card in the early stage of the stage, and that have changed the whole complexion of the game.

It's good to see Drogba returning with a decisive opener, while Lampard will definitely considering his future knowing that his time with the Blues is coming short.

On the other side, Demba Ba continues to be threatening. Superb. However, 2 of their back four are now injured - might be a big hit to their rock solid defence. Nonetheless, Krul will still be magnificent despite that.

Pick: Krul, Ba, Sturridge
Watch: Drogba
Drop: Lampard, Luiz

Blackburn 4-2 Swansea
No one could have expect 4 goals from Yakubu. Splendid. A great result that come at right time.

Given forthcoming fixtures, he's a good short term pick.

Pick: Yakubu

Man City 5-1 Norwich
Aguero should really did better. While his goal was a brilliant magic, the chances he squandered had frustrated a lot of fantasy managers. Maybe it's the right time to jump across the ship for Van Persie.

The points distribution are really too widespread this time around, making City players less attractive.

Watch: Aguero

QPR 1-1 West Brom
Helguson was once again the scorer for QPR. Pretty amazing given that he was only the Neil Warnock's third choice at the beginning of the season.

On the other side, Long scored again. Very prolific at such young age.

Pick: Helguson
Watch: Long

Tottenham 3-0 Bolton
The flanks are functioning fantastically for Tottenham at the moment. Bale and Lennon are simply too swift to handle. Could have won by 7-8 goals if not for Jaaskelainen's greatness.

Gary Cahill was unlucky anyway to concede such an terrible red card decision.

Pick: Bale, Lennon
Drop: Cahill

Wigan 0-4 Arsenal
Nothing too surprising. Van Persie continues to dominate the offence, and Vermaelen's offensive ability as a centre back is just supreme.

Pick: Van Persie, Vermaelen, Walcott
Watch: Gervinho, Arteta
Drop: WIG players

Aston Villa 0-1 Man Utd
Hernandez was injured - the only striker with his scoring boots on is down. Bad news.

The win was yet again unconvincing and I really wonder how possibly can they continue to pick up points with such terrible form.

Drop: MUN offence

Everton 0-1 Stoke City
Disappointing result for Moyes. It does wonder me why were Everton trying non-stop to attack via crosses when Stoke players are all so tall.

Drop: EVE players

Wolves 2-1 Sunderland
Fantastic acting by Larsson but he inability to score the penalty has brought a calamitous result to Martin O'Neill's debut.

Fletcher and Doyle played together again finally and the results? Perfect.

Pick: Fletcher

Fulham 1-0 Liverpool
Lucas out for season, two shots reflected off the frame (again), Spearing sent off, Suarez investigated for his middle finger... Nothing's really going for Liverpool.

At this stage, the Reds still didn't managed to play like a team with free-flowing passes. Pretty hard to believe they can achieve their Champions League aspirations.

Watch: Murphy
Drop: LIV offence

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gameweek 14 Fantasy Preview

Gary Speed (1969-2011)
Shocking news earlier this week as one of the Premier League legends, Gary Speed, was found dead at his home following his suicide. Big loss.

Carling Cup Review
So Liverpool will meet Manchester City at the semis after killing off Chelsea twice at Stamford Bridge in just 9 days. Crazy fixtures. In the other end we will see Championship sides Cardiff and Crystal Palace facing against each other. It's surprising to not see Manchester United in the last four list.

7-Gameweek Fixture Analysis (Published Monthly)
In heaven run:
  1. Everton (STO, @ARS, NOR, SWA, @SUN,  @BLA, BOL) - Pretty lenient ones in the midst of hellish calendar month. Be sure to monitor on Baines, Drenthe and supersub Vellios.
  2. Liverpool (@FUL, QPR, @AST, @WIG, BLA, NEW, @MCI) - Shouldn't be too much of troubles defensively. If they can convert the chances more efficiently they should be able to slide into fourth place.
  3. Man Utd (@AST, WOL, @QPR, @FUL, WIG, BLA, @NEW) - A good platform to improve their form... Hopefully they will.
  4. Sunderland (@WOL, BLA, @TOT, @QPR, EVE, MCI, @WIG) - Loads of bottom team for them to earn some solid league points.
  5. Swansea (@BLA, FUL, @NEW, @EVE, QPR, TOT, @AST) - A crucial period to book their survival place in the Prem.
  6. Tottenham (BOL, @STO, SUN, CHE, @NOR, @SWA, WBA) - Great fixtures to lift them nearer to the league leaders.

In hell run:
  1. Aston Villa (MUN, @BOL, LIV, ARS, @STO, @CHE, SWA) - Extremely tough to handle, especially when the compact festive games are coming.
  2. Chelsea (@NEW, MCI, @WIG, @TOT, FUL, AST, @WOL) - The tough string of games won't help them to regain their form and confidence.
  3. Fulham (LIV, @SWA, BOL, MUN, @CHE, @NOR, ARS) - All the teams they face have at least some decent attacking force, if not great.
  4. Wigan (ARS, @WBA, CHE, LIV, @STO, SUN, @MCI) - Might be an early death sentence on Martinez and his team.

Game of the Week: NEWCASTLE v CHELSEA
Ben Arfa will cause big
trouble to Chelsea's defence.
It's going to be a tough month for Andre Villas-Boas as he will continue to play against tough oppositions in what that might become his job-deciding matches. St. James' Park is his first destination for Chelsea this month (hopefully not his last).

Newcastle played yet another solid game against Manchester United at Old Trafford, conceding only due to some bad luck. While the penalty was controversial, I simply wouldn't deny the fact that they deserve to take something from Old Trafford. Impressive.

The back four who started for every league games together should play together again - expect superb fortress-like defence which is further solidify with the presence of Krul. I rate the Dutch stopper now on par with Vorm and Hart as the league's toughest keeper to pass through. Up front we shall see Ben Arfa and Demba Ba creating havoc again and perhaps score a goal or two together.

On the other side, Chelsea are losing the cutting edge they have seasons before, and their results against the top sides were all but defeats this season. Losing twice at Stamford Bridge against the same side Liverpool certainly isn't a healthy sign for AVB's squad form. Terrible.

Defence has always been the fatal point of the Blues - many goals conceded were due to silly mistakes of the defenders. Attack isn't too sharp neither, with Sturridge, Mata and Lampard the only three reliable finishing points to score goals.

It's going to be close again, and I think the Magpies' work rate as a team should give AVB a worthwhile lesson.

Prediction: NEW 1-0 CHE
Pick: Ben Arfa
Drop: CHE defence

Fantasy Game of the Week: MANCHESTER CITY v NORWICH
Show time for Aguero again?
Manchester City might have lost the mighty form they had a month or two before, but at home against Norwich it's certainly too hard to resist.

Aguero and Silva are still two of the best fantasy performers - make them your captain and you will most probably get well rewarded with 10++ points. Mouth-watering picks.

Defensively it's not that formidable as before, but you shall still play your Kompany and/or Richards if you own them with them playing at home.

Should be solid win for City at least. Would be a big headline if Norwich are able to escape from Etihad.

Prediction: MCI 3-0 NOR
Pick and Captain: Aguero, Silva
Pick: MCI defence
Drop: NOR players

Pick and Drop
Pick and Captain:
  1. Adebayor - Bolton is quite easy for him I suppose.
  2. Van Persie - A big yes against one of the worst side of the Premier League.
  1. Walcott/ Ramsey - Should provide big threat to Wigan
  2. Agbonlahor - To take advantage against off-form Man Utd.
  3. Bellamy - In great form, though not that sure to start the game.
  1. WIG defence - Never a decent pick.
  2. MUN defence - Not sure how they can hold Agbonlahor and Bent.

Transfer Traffic
Green light (buy):

  1. Bale - Stacking up points in the speed of light.
  2. Mata - Even if everyone in Chelsea is unpickable, he won't be.
  3. Ben Arfa - Continues to impress me with his superior influence in Newcastle's attack.
  4. Adebayor - Well supplied to score goals.
  5. EVE defence - Three of the next four games at home.
  6. Krul - Such a fantastic goalkeeper.
Yellow light (watch):
  1. LIV defence - Surely Lucas' absence for the rest of the season is going to adversely affect them.
  2. Bellamy - If he can just lock down a place from Dalglish's first XI, he will be a sure fire pick.
  3. Aguero - With City's form declining, it's not that sure to own him now.
Red light (drop):
  1. MUN players - Players are severely disjointed. Stay away until they regain their form.
  2. Balotelli - His stupidity will hinder you from harvesting points from him.

Gameweek 14 Dream Team
Jagielka -- Richards -- Walker
Bale -- Ben Arfa -- Walcott -- Silva
Van Persie -- Aguero (C) -- Adebayor (VC)

Subs: Vorm -- Barton -- Luke Young -- Simpson